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UK residents can request online quotes for mortgage protection insurance, a type of life insurance that is also known as decreasing term assurance. If you are looking for mortgage insurance to protect your payments instead, that is available on a different site - please click here for further details.

With mortgage protection insurance, you pay a fixed monthly premium but, instead of the life cover remaining level, it gradually reduces over the term of the policy.

It is most commonly used together with a repayment mortgage and the sum assured reduces broadly in line with the amount outstanding on the loan over the term. The reducing amount of life cover means that the cost of this type of policy is lower than that of level term assurance.

Getting a quote is easy - just click links in the panel on the upper right hand side of this page and take a short time to fill in your details and submit the online quotation form. With your application pack you will be provided with a written quotation, the individual company's key features document and full product details.


NB: To use the quotation system, you must have at least a version 4 Netscape or IE browser.

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